I (along with many others) have some unallocated time right now, which let me work on the Battles of Westeros content for the Battlelore Tilesystem editor.

New content includes:

  • Unit Icons for all Expansions
  • Markers and Tokens from the Core Box
  • Terrain and Markers from Baratheon Army Expansion
  • Terrain from Wardens of the North

Images for the unit icons were taken from various sources including the BoW vassal module, BGG images gallery and the rulebooks for BoW (and expansions). I may go back and unify the unit images more in a future update. The difficulty was finding consistent sources for images. If someone has a better scan of the Triple Building from Wardens of the North, drop me an email.

If i missed any hexes/tokens/markers please send me an email.

You can get the full Battlelore Tilesystem update on the Battlelore Tilesystem Map Editor page.