The now defunct fan website zonegamma (do not go there now, the url is being squatted by a potentially malicious site) had 2 new board layouts to use for Battlelore. I am providing them here so they are not lost to history. The following is directly from the zonegamma website:

Battlelore – 4 Boards Configurations

As with any Board Game I’m never satisfied with what comes in the box and I use my imagination to add some flavor to the original game. For my Battlelore Board Game I designed 2 new board configurations for the purpose of having larger battlefields. As for the moment I have 6 boards so I can use them to create my Conflict and Conquest configurations.

For the Conflict Configuration you use 2 sets of Epic boards, you cut half of the last row and you fit them together. For the Conquest Configuration you take your Epic boards and between them you insert another Epic set with the sides cut. You put them side by side.



BL Zonegamma