Papercraft models for Battletech & Mechwarrior Mechs, Vehicles and Buildings. Some are PDF files, while others are PDO files which require Pepakura Viewer v3 (free).

If any links go dead or you have a model not on this list, please let me know ASAP. Report Here

I am trying to get in contact with Vernon Marshall (vlmarshall) to get his files.

For more Paper Model Goodness, visit Stingray Production's MW2 Paper Model Site


2022-09-19: Added Two more recolors from Lorenzo; A Seydlitz (in 1:64 scale) and a Colt CF.
2022-09-16: Added Two more recolors from Lorenzo; A Seydlitz and a Samuri ASF.
2022-07-20: Five new models from Darth Umbraevus. A Rakshasha, Catapult, Bulldog, Condor and a Harasser.
2021-12-20: Added four new recolors by Lorenzo. An Orion, an UrbanMech and 2 Command Vans (ambulance recolors)
2021-05-30: Fixed broken link on Shiftdel's MW4 Cougar. Added Several Samurai and Corsiar Aerospace Fighters by Lorenzo.
2021-05-05: Added a no-color version of the galleon, as well as 2 recolored demolishers and 2 hetzers
2021-05-04: Added 2 Versions of a Galleon tank from Lorenzo de la Fuente.
2021-04-19: Added 2 recolors of the MC2 Harraser tank.
2021-04-13: Added 2 Spider kitbashes by Lorenzo de la Fuente and the missing MW3 Locust with 8 textures
2021-04-12: Added 2 Recolored Hunchbacks from Lorenzo and many models from
2021-03-18: Replaced old gamefront and links with valid google drive downloads.
2021-03-16: Added 2 Recolors/Conversions by Lorenzo de la Fuente, LCAF Hatchetman and DCMS Stinger LAM
2021-03-10: Added 2 Recolors/Upscales by Lorenzo de la Fuente, CCAF Catapult and Urbanmech
2021-03-10: Added 2 Recolors/Upscales by Lorenzo de la Fuente, CCAF Catapult and Urbanmech
2021-01-29: Added the TRC-4B Chameleon model from Lorenzo de la Fuente
2021-01-13: Finished adding all files donated by Lorenzo (there are many)
2021-01-06: Thanks to Lorenzo for sending me the Shilone and Seydlitz aerospace fighter models.
2017-02-27: Updated link to MWO Timber Wolf/Mad Cat. Thanks to Weapon Omega for spotting the defunct link.
2017-02-27: Updated link to Warhammer WHM-6R. Thanks to Tektonten for spotting the defunct link.
2016-10-04: Updated link to Catapult by Shiftdel.
2016-03-03: Thanks to RubyHunter, we now have access to VLMarshall's really cool Hexbase!
2016-02-17: More thanks to Umbraevus! VLMarshall's Attack Helo and Crates have been added to the archive!
2016-02-13: Added Zentradi Battlepod, Gorge Building, 1/40 Scale Textured Joint Set, Grizzly Joint Set, Yogsolthan's Joint Set, Linebacker skins, and MW3 Ryoken. Super thanks to Umbraevus over at deviant art.
2016-01-25: Added MWO Mad Cat from Nikita (RuSL).
2015-09-12: More thanks to NC_Tracker for finding the original archives of VLMarshall's Ammo Dump, Chemical Plant, Geodome and dropship. These downloads have been updated with the new (old) designs.
2015-07-26: Found a link to the WHM_6M Warhammer from magazine ABC. Added a link to the walking Madcat by J Hodgie.
2015-04-25: Thanks to NC_Tracker for finding 4 of VLMarshall's buildings: Ammo Dump, Chemical Plant, Geo Dome and HPG Generator.
2015-01-06: Yogsolthan is back! I've been updating the links to his models as he makes them available.
2014-12-27: Special Thanks to Don Weeks for provided files/links for: Blood Reaper, Hammerhands, Howler, MarauderIIC (yogsolthan's), Raptor & Targe.
2014-12-02: Special Thanks to monkeyrum for finding an archive of yogsolthans models on the wayback machine! A few are missing, so if you have them, please send them over!

Still Needed from the old site:

If you are the owner of one or more of these files and do not wish them to be in this list or hosted by me (some are, some are not) please let me know and I will remove them.

Model Creator Source Link Comment
Ambulance Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Ambulance.rar  
Annihilator Cantaris / Sturm MW3 MW3_Annihilator.rar Includes Sturm's camo versions
Anubis Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Anubis.rar  
Archangel Omnimech Yogsolthan CBT  
Archer Whammy / Shiftdel / Vlmarshall   WhammysArcher_19cm.rar  
Archer [skins] Sturm MC2 WhammysArcher_skins.rar  
Arctic Wolf BLaaR/Dark133 MW4 Arctic Wolf.rar  
Arctic Wolf [skins] Sturm MW4  
Argus BLaaR / madcatmaniac CBT CBT_Argus_Papermodel.rar  
Atlas Whammy / Shiftdel / Vlmarshall   Atlas_Whammy_27cm_NoSkin.rar  
Atlas BLaaR MW4  
Atlas Tirick Fire MC2 1:1000 scale
Atlas Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Atlas.rar  
Atlas Parman01 MWO Atlas_MWO_paper.rar  
Atlas II Yogsolthan CBT  
Atlas unknown unknown paper mechlab atlas (no texture).zip added 2021-01-13
Atlas [modification] Cantaris   Atlas_Cantaris_mod.rar  
Atlas [skins] Sturm / D00mg1v3r   Atlas_Whammy_Sturm_skins.rar Includes Inner Sphere and both camo skinpacks
Atlas [skins] Parman01 MWO founder_atlas_paper.rar Founder skins
Atlas [v2] Parman01 MWO Arlas_MWO_paperV2.rar  
Attack Helo Vlmarshall MC2 added 2016-02-17
Avatar Trogdor MW3 MW3_Avatar.rar  
Awesome Shiftdel MW3  
Awesome Cantaris MW4 Awesome completed.rar  
Awesome Shiftdel MW3 MW3_Awesome.rar  
Awesome [Skins] Sturm MW4  
Axeman Yogsolthan CBT  
Axman [skins] [unknown]  
Battlemaster Whammy / Shiftdel / Vlmarshall   battlemaster_cleaned05.rar  
Battlemaster [skins] Sturm / YogSolthan   battlemaster_skins.rar Includes both camo skinpacks
Behemoth / Stone Rhino Yogsolthan CBT  
Blackhawk Vlmarshall MW3 MW3_Black Hawk.rar  
Blackhawk Ace_Zecks MW3
Black Heart BLaaR MW4 MekTek Mektek_BlackHeart_Papermodel.rar  
Black Knight monkeyrum MW4 MekTek  
Black Knight [skins] monkeyrum MW4  
Blood Asp Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 BloodAsp.rar  
Blood Reaper Yogsolthan CBT  
Building - Ammo Dump Vlmarshall MC2 Ammodump7cmRevA.rar Updated 12-Sep-2015 to include CBT skinned version.
Building - Asphalt Roads Sirrob01 Custom Roads Asphalt Map Scale w/Hexes
Building - Chemical Plant Vlmarshall MC2 ChemicalPlant14cm.rar Updated 12-Sep-2015 to include CBT skinned version
Building - Farm Scenery BLaaR MW4 MW4 Farm Scenery.rar  
Building - Geodesic Dome Vlmarshall MC2 GeoDome_7cm_v2.rar Updated 12-Sep-2015 to include CBT skinned version
Building - HPG Generator Vlmarshall MC2 HPG Generator5cmV1.rar  
Building - Light Commercial Sirrob01 Custom Light Commerical Map Scale
Building - Powerplant Sirrob01 Custom Power Plant Map scale
Buildings Ratboy aka Smallrealities   SmallRealities 1:285 Terrain Repository of papercraft 1/285 (6mm) scale buildings
Buildings NCtracker Repository of papercraft buildings for 1/300 scale
Building - Sci-Fi Houses Sirrob01 Custom Houses Group One Map Scale
Buildings [MW3] Shiftdel MW3  
Bulldog tank Darth Umbraevus MW4 MW4 Bulldog scale Added 2022-07-20. 1:40 scale
Bushwacker Shiftdel MW3 MW3_Bushwacker.rar  
Bushwacker Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Bushwacker.rar  
Bushwacker BLaaR MW4 MW4_Bushwacker_Papermodel.rar  
Bushwacker [skins] Sturm MW4  
Bushwacker Ace Zecks, Gorthaur, Ex_Ninja MW3, includes custom skins
Canis Yogsolthan CBT  
Catapult Darth Umbraevus MW3 MW3 Added 2022-07-20. 
Catapult Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Catapult.rar  
Catapult (CCAF recolor) Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_CPLT_CCAF_01KH.pdf 1:45 Scale
Added 2021-03-10
Catapult Shiftdel MW4 link updated 2016-10-04
Catapult Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Catapult.rar  
Catapult [optional parts] Shiftdel MW4  
Catapult [skins] Shiftdel MW4 catapult_camo_skins.rar skinset 1 or 2?
Cauldron Born TechSteele MW4 MW4_CauldronBorn_Papermodel.rar  
Cauldron Born Ace_Zecks MW3  
Cauldron Born [skins] Sturm MW4 MW4 Cauldron Born skins.rar  
Chameleon Lorenzo de la Fuente Kitbash LF_1-45_TRC_DCMS_12SZ_v1.pdf Added 2021-01-29.
Champion BLaaR MW3 MW3_Champion_Papermodel.rar  
Champion Yogsolthan CBT  
Chimera BLaaR MW4 MW4_Chimera_Papermodel.rar  
Colt Conventional Fighter Lorenzo MC2 Added Sep 19, 2022
LCAF 26th Lyran Guards
Command Van (3rd Ceti recolor) Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_CommandVan_AFFS_03CH.pdf Added 2021-12-20 
Command Van (5th Galedon recolor) Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_CommandVan_DCMS_05GR.pdf Added 2021-12-20 
Condor hover tank Darth Umbraevus MW4 MW4 Condor scale Added 2022-07-20
Corsair Aerospace Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT corsair_recolor.pdf Added 2021-05-30. Uncolored Version.
Corsair Aerospace Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT LF_1-45_CSRV12_WD_OAOG.pdf Added 2021-05-30. Wolf's Dragoons.
Corsair Aerospace Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT LF_1-45_CSRV12_AFFS_17AH.pdf Added 2021-05-30. 17th Avalon Hussars.
Cougar Shiftdel MW4 Cougar_PDO_scale1-40.rar  
Cougar [skins] Shiftdel MW4 Cougar skins all skins.rar combined all 4 separate files
Cougar Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Cougar.rar  
Crab Yogsoltan   Crab_v0_noskin.rar  
Crab [skins] Sturm   Crab_v0_skins.rar Includes Camo & IS/Mercs skinpacks
Crates Vlmarshall MC2 added 2016-02-17
Cyclops Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Cyclops.rar  
Cyclops BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_Cyclops_Papermodel.rar  
Cygnus Yogsolthan CBT NEW! added 2015-01-19
Daishi / Dire Wolf unknown unknown paper mechlab direwolf (no texture).zip added 2021-01-13
Daishi / Dire Wolf Ace_Zecks MW3
Daishi / Dire Wolf TechSteele MW4 MW4 Daishi Beta.rar  
Daishi / Dire Wolf [skins] Sturm MW4 MW4 Daishi skins.rar  
Deimos BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_Deimos_Papermodel.rar  
Deimos [skins] BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_Deimos_Papermodel_Skinpack.rar  
Demolisher Mk II Heavy Tank Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_Demolisher_AFFS_DMM_GI.pdf Added 2021-05-05. Yao-Hsiang’s Brigade, Galtor III Irregulars
Demolisher Mk II Heavy Tank Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_Demolisher_LCAF_17DG.pdf Added 2021-05-05. 17th Donegal Guards
Dervish BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_Dervish_Papermodel.rar  
Deva Omnimech Yogsolthan CBT  
Devastator Yogsolthan CBT Includes 1/60 & 1/120 scale models + skins. Link updated 01-15-16
Display Hanger BLaaR   Display Hanger.rar  
Dragon Cantaris MW4 MW4 Dragon.rar  
Drillson Hovertank Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Drillson Hovertank.rar  
Dropship Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Dropship.rar Updated 12-Sep-2015 to include pre-skinned and CBT skinned versions
Elemental Zeck MW3 MW3_Elemental.rar  
Enfield Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Enfield.rar  
Fafnir BLaaR MW4 MW4_Fafnir_Papermodel.rar  
Fafnir [skins] BLaaR MW4 MW4_Fafnir_Papermodel_Skinpack.rar  
Fenris / Ice Ferret Yogsolthan CBT  
Fire Ant Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 FireAnt.rar  
Firefly BLaaR MW3 MW3_FireFly_Papermodel.rar  
Flea BLaaR MW4 MW4_Flea_Papermodel.rar  
Flea [skins] BLaaR MW4 MW4_Flea_Skinpack.rar  
Galleon Tank Lorenzo de la Fuente Total War BT Mod galleon-base.pdf Added 2021-05-05. no-color version
Galleon Tank Lorenzo de la Fuente Total War BT Mod LF_1-45_Galleon_ELH_151LHR.pdf Added 2021-05-04. Eridani Light Horse
Galleon Tank Lorenzo de la Fuente Total War BT Mod LF_1-45_Galleon_FWLM_01DoA.pdf Added 2021-05-04. Free Worlds League Militia
Generic Joints Set Use these to make your models poseable
Gladiator Shiftdel MW4 MW4_Gladiator_Papermodel.rar  
Gladiator / Executioner Yogsolthan   Executioner_V1.rar Includes base & camo skinsets
Goliath Yogsolthan CBT  
Gorge Building RGW_Rex_KN MW3 gorge.rar added link Feb 13, 2016
Gorge Buildings Zecks MW3  
Grigori Omnimech Yogsolthan CBT  
Grizzly Shiftdel MW4 Mektek  
Grizzly [joint set] Shiftdel MW4 Mektek MekTek_Grizzly_PDO_Joints_beta.rar added link Feb 13, 2016
Hammerhands Yogsolthan CBT  
Harasser Hovercraft Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Harasser Hovercraft.rar  
Harasser Hovercraft Darth Umbraevus MW4 MW4 Harasser scale Added 2022-07-20
Harasser Hovercraft Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-64_Harasser_04OH.pdf  Added 2021-04-19. 4th Oriente Hussars recolor
Harasser Hovercraft Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-64_Harasser_21CL.pdf Added 2021-04-19. 21st Centauri Lancers recolor 
Hatchetman BLaaR   HatchetMan.rar blank model, no skins
Hatchetman Lorenzo de la Fuente   LF_1-45_HCT_LCAF_26LG.pdf LCAF recolor of Blaar's Hatcheman
added 2021-03-16
Hauptmann Shiftdel MW4  
Heavy Truck Shiftdel MW4 mw4_heavytruck.rar  
Helepolis Yogsolthan CBT  
Hellhound Shiftdel MW4 hellhound_PDO_scale1-40.rar  
Hellhound [skins] Sturm MW4 hellhound_skins.rar Both Camo & Clan skins
Hellspawn BLaaR MW4 MW4_Hellspawn_Papermodel.rar  
Hetzer Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_Hetzer_04MAC.pdf Added 2021-05-05.  McCarron’s Armored Cavalry
Hetzer Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_Hetzer_NR.pdf Added 2021-05-05.  Narhal’s Raiders mercenary regiment
Hetzer Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Hetzer Tank.rar  
Hexbase VLMarshall   15_24cm_HexBase.rar added 2016-03-03
Hex Forest / Woods Markers TCF Gaming MC2 1:1000 Map Scale
Hex Hills 10mm TCF Gaming 1:1000 Map Scale
Hex Modular City Walls TCF Gaming 1:1000 Map Scale
Hex Road Set 1 TCF Gaming 1:1000 Map Scale
Hex Train Set TCF Gaming 1:1000 Map Scale
Highlander Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Highlander.rar  
Highlander Whammy / Shiftdel / Vlmarshal   whammys_highlander_PDO.rar  
Highlander BLaaR / Cantaris MW4 MW4_Highlander_Papermodel.rar  
Highlander [skins] BLaaR MW4 MW4_Highlander_Papermodel_SkinPack.rar  
Highlander [skins] Sturm   whammys_highlander_skins.rar Includes Great Houses, Mercenaries, Camo skinpacks
Howler Yogsolthan CBT  
Hunchback unknown unknown paper mechlab hunchback (textured).zip added 2021-01-13
Hunchback BLaaR MW4 MW4_Hunchback_Papermodel.rar  
Hunchback Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Hunchback.rar  
Hunchback Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_HBK_FWLM_23MM.pdf Free Worlds League Militia Recolor of VL Marshall model
Hunchback Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_HBK_KH.pdf Kell Hounds Recolor of VL Marshall model
Hunchback [skins] BLaaR MW4 MW4_Hunchback_Papermodel_Skinpack.rar  
Hyena Salvagemech BLaaR / madcatmaniac   Hyena_Paper_Model.rar  
Hyena Salvagemech [skins] Sturm   Hyena_Paper_Model_Skins.rar  
Jagermech Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Jagermech.rar  
Jeep Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Jeep.rar  
Jenner IIC BLaaR MW4 Mektek MW4 - Mektek Jenner IIc.pdo  
Joint Set 1/40 Scale ShiftDel MW4 jointset_new_PDO_scale1-40.rar added link Feb 13, 2016
Joint set v2 Yogsolthan   Yogsolthans_2_mechs_joints_set_v2.rar added link Feb 13, 2016
Kanazuchi Battle Armor BLaaR MW4 Mektek Kanazuchi_Paper_Model.rar  
Kanazuchi Battle Armor [skins] BLaaR MW4 Mektek Kanazuchi_Skins.rar  
Karnov Gunship Vlmarshall MC2   need file or link
Kodiak BLaaR MW4 MW4_Kodiak_Papermodel.rar  
Kodiak [skins] BLaaR MW4 MW4_Kodiak_Papermodel_Skinpack.rar  
Lao Hu Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 LaoHu.rar  
Leopard Dropship Dog Hair Terrain CBT leopard_and_instructions.pdf  
Linebacker Punakettu / Monkeyrum  
Linebacker BLaaR / madcatmaniac CBT CBT_Linebacker_Papermodel.rar  
Linebacker [skins] Punakettu / Monkeyrum CBT Punakettu's Linebacker skins 1 and 2.rar added link Feb 13, 2016
Linebacker [skins] Sturm CBT CBT_Linebacker_skins.rar  
Locust unknown unknown paper mechlab locust (alt, no texture).zip added 2021-01-13
Locust unknown unknown paper mechlab locust (no texture).zip added 2021-01-13
Locust BLaaR MW4 Mektek   need file or link
Locust LCT-1V [unseen] Taliesin aka Scarecrovv CBT locust_lct_1v_paper_model_by_scarecrovv-d4iijym.rar  
Locust [Project Phoenix] BLaar / Lady Die CBT Project_Phoenix_Locust_Papermodel.rar also available at
Locust [unseen] [unknown]   locust.rar Older model, color but no texture.
Locust unknown MW3 MW3 added 2021-04-13. 8 textures
Loki / Hellbringer Yogsolthan / Smoking Mirror CBT  
Loki / Hellbringer BLaaR MW4 MW4_Hellbringer_Papermodel.rar  
Loki / Hellbringer [skins] Sturm   CBT_Hellbringer_Sturm_skins.rar  
Longbow BLaaR MW4 MW4_Longbow_Papermodel.rar  
Longbow [skins] monkeyrum MW4  
Mackie Yogsolthan CBT  
MadCat J Hodige MW A paper Mech made to appear to walk when a crank is turned.
Mad Cat Mk II BLaaR MW4 MW4_MadCat_MKII_Papermodel.rar  
Mad Cat Mk II Yogsolthan CBT  
Mad Cat Mk III Yogsolthan CBT  
Mad Cat Mk III [skins] Yogsolthan CBT MadCat3_5_unfold_v2_Skins.rar  
Mad Cat Mk IV Whammy CBT Whammys_DA_MadCatIV_Papermodel.rar  
Mad Cat / Timberwolf Tirick Fire MC2 1:1000 Scale
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf BLaaR / Dark133 MW4 MW4_MadCat_v2.rar  
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Timberwolf.rar Includes model remapped for MW3 textures
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf Walter-NEST MW4 Mad_Cat_Mech_Paper_Model_by_Walter_NEST.pdf  
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf Nikita (RuSL) MWO updated link April 7, 2017
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf Cantaris / Sturm / NormBlow MW3 MW3_Mad Cat.rar Includes Sturn's camos and NormBlow's RedWasp
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf unknown unknown madcat (textured) Added 2021-01-13
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf unknown unknown paper mechlab Madcat (no texture).zip added 2021-01-13
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf unknown unknown paper mechlab madcat (textured).zip added 2021-01-13
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf unknown unknown paper mechlab added 2021-01-13
Mad Cat / Timberwolf [skins] BLaaR MW4  
Mad Cat / Timberwolf [skins] BLaaR MW4  
Mad Cat / Timberwolf [skins] BLaaR MW4  
Mad Cat / Timberwolf [skins] BLaaR MW4  
Mad Cat / Timber Wolf Ace_Zecks MW3
Malak Omnimech Yogsolthan CBT  
Man O' War / Gargoyle Yogsolthan CBT  
Man O' War / Gargoyle [skins] Sturm / Yogsolthan   Gargoyle_skins.rar Includes base & camo skinsets
Marauder Whammy   Marauder_Whammy_21cm_NoSkin.rar  
Marauder unknown unknown marauder (officerpod).zip Added 2021-01-13
Marauder IIC Whammy CBT Whammys_MarauderIIC_Papermodel.rar  
Marauder IIC Yogsolthan CBT  
Marauder IIC [skins] Yogsolthan CBT  
Marauder [skins] Sturm / Whammy / D00mg1v3r   Marauder_Whammy_skins.rar Includes Inner Sphere and both camo packs
Marauder [Unseen] BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_Marauder_Papermodel.rar  
Masakari / Warhawk Cantaris MW4 Masakari special.rar  
Masakari / Warhawk Zeck MW3 MW3_Masakari.rar might not be Zeck's model
Matador Yogsolthan CBT  
Mauler Shiftdel MW4 Mauler_PDO_scale1-40.rar  
Mauler [skins] Sturm MW4 Mauler_PDO_scale1-40_skins.rar  
Mauler [skins] Shiftdel MW4 Mauler_skinsets_1-4.rar Includes Mercs, Desert, Materials, Plains
MC2 Skinpack Nynx MC2 MC2_skins need file or link. may already be included in files.
Men Shen Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 MenShen.rar  
Mobile Field Base RGW_Rex_KN MW3  
Naga Yogsolthan CBT  
Naga [skins] Yogsolthan / Sturm CBT Naga_v1_skins.rar Includes base & both camo skinsets
Naginata Yogsolthan / madcatmaniac CBT Includes all 8 MW3 camo versions
Nova Cat Shiftdel MW4  
Novacat [skins] Sturm MW4 Novacat_PDO_scale1-40_skins.rar Camo & IS/Mercs/Special skins
Orion Shiftdel MW3 MW3_Orion.rar  
Orion Mech Shiftdel MW3  
Orion Mech Lorenzo de la Fuente MW3 LF_1-45_ON1K_FWLM_01AD.pdf Added 2021-12-20. Atrean Dragoons recolor.
Osiris Cantaris MW4  
Overlord Dropship BLaaR MW4 MW4_Overlord_Dropship_Papermodel.rar  
Owens BLaaR MW4 MW4_Owens_Papermodel.rar  
Owens Cantaris / Sturm MW3 MW3_Owens.rar Includes Sturm's camos
Partisan Tank Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Partisan Tank.rar  
Penetrator BLaaR / madcatmaniac CBT CBT_Penetrator_Papermodel.rar  
Phoenix Hawk Whammy   whammys_phoenixhawk_PDO.rar  
Phoenix Hawk [skins] Sturm / Whammy   whammys_phoenixhawk_skins.rar Includes Inner Sphere, Solaris & camo skinpacks
Powered Armor Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Powered Armor.rar  
Puma / Adder BLaaR MW4 MW4_Adder_Papermodel.rar  
Puma / Adder Ace_Zecks MW3
Rakshasha Darth Umbraevus MW2/3/4 MW2-MW4 Added 2022-07-20.
Rampage Yogsolthan CBT  
Raptor Yogsolthan CBT  
Raptor [skins] Yogsolthan CBT Raptor_skins.rar Includes house & mercs skinsets
Raven unknown unknown raven (alt. textured).zip added 2021-01-13
Raven BLaaR MW4 MW4_Raven_Papermodel.rar  
Raven Parman01 MWO rvn_fin.rar  
Raven Parman01 MWO rvn_fin_nolines.rar Version w/o black lines
Raven Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Raven.rar  
Razorback BLaaR MW4   need file or link
Razorback Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Razorback.rar  
Repair Vehicle Vlmarshall MC2   need file or link
Rifleman [longer legs] [unseen] BLaaR   RifleMan_Longer_Legs.rar can use MW4 Mauler skins
Rifleman [original] [unseen] BLaaR Plastech RifleMan_Org.rar can use MW4 Mauler skins
Rifleman [unseen] Whammy CBT Whammys_Rifleman_Papermodel.rar  
Rifleman [unseen] BLaaR   RifleMan_v1.rar can use MW4 Mauler skins
Ryoken / Stormcrow BLaaR MW4 MW4_Ryoken_v2.rar  
Ryoken / Stormcrow Zeck MW3 MW3_Ryoken_zeck.rar added link Feb 13, 2016
Ryoken / Stormcrow Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Ryoken.rar  
Ryoken / Stormcrow BLaaR MW4 MW4_Stormcrow_Papermodel.rar  
Samurai Aerospace Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT samurai_recolor.pdf Added 2021-05-30. Blank Version.
Samurai Aerospace Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT LF_1-45_SL25_AMC_01AAW.pdf/a> Added 2021-05-30. Outworlds 1st Alliance Air Wing.
Samurai Aerospace Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT LF_1-45_SL25_DCMS_04ATL.pdf Added 2021-05-30. DCMS 4th Ang Ting.
Samurai Aerospace Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT Added 2022-09-16.
DCMS Sorenson's Sabers.
Schwerer Gustav Yogsolthan CBT  
Seydlitz Aerospace Blaar unknown Added Jan 6, 2021 
Seydlitz Aerospace Lorenzo unknown Added Sep 16, 2022
LCAF 4th Skye Rangers recolor (1:100)
Seydlitz Aerospace Lorenzo unknown Added Sep 19, 2022
LCAF 4th Skye Rangers recolor (1:64)
Shadowcat Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Shadowcat.rar  
Shadowcat Shiftdel MW4  
Shadowcat Cantaris / madcatmaniac / Sturm MW3 MW3_Shadowcat.rar Includes Sturm's camos
Shadowcat Planet Star Freak   psf_shadowcat2.rar updated link
Shadowcat [Optional Parts] Shiftdel MW4  
Shadowcat [skins] Sturm MW4 shadowcat_final01_skins.rar Both clan & camo skinsets
Shadowcat Ace_Zecks, xmeck_Dmnwzrd, Gorthaur MW3 MW3_Shadowcat.rar, includes custom skins
Shadow Hawk Yogsolthan CBT  
Sha Yu Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Sha Yu.rar  
Shilone Aerospace unknown unknown Shilone Added Jan 6, 2021 
Shootist Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Shootist.rar  
Sirocco Yogsolthan CBT  
Sirocco [skins] Sturm CBT YogSolthan_CBT_Sirocco_skins.rar  
Slayer Aerospace Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Slayer Aerospace.rar  
Slayer Aerospace Fighter VLMarshall MC2  
Spider Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT LF_1-45_SDR_DCMS_06AL_v2.pdf added 2021-04-13. 6th Arkab Legion
Spider Lorenzo de la Fuente CBT LF_1-45_SDR_FWLM_04FWG_v2.pdf added 2021-04-13. 4th Free Worlds Guards
SRM Carrier unknown unknown added 2021-01-13
Stalker Yogsolthan CBT  
Starslayer Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 StarSlayer.rar  
Stinger unknown unknown paper mechlab stinger (no texture).zip added 2021-01-13
Stinger LAM Lorenzo de la Fuente   LF_1-45_STG_DCMS_08RR.pdf converted from Shunichi Makino's Macross/Robotech VF-1S Gerwalk
added 2021-03-16
Storm Tank Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Storm Tank.rar  
Strider BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_Strider_Papermodel.rar  
Strider Ace_Zecks, Gorthaur MW3  
Striker Yogsolthan / Smoking Mirror CBT  
Striker [skins] Sturm CBT striker_sturmskins.rar  
Sunder Cantaris MW3 MW3_Sunder.rar  
Sunder Ace_Zecks MW3
Sunder BLaaR MW4 MW4_Sunder_Papermodel.rar  
Supernova BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_SuperNova_Papermodel.rar  
Supernova BLaaR MW3 MW3_SuperNova_Papermodel.rar  
Targe Yogsolthan CBT  
Templar BLaaR MW4 MW4_Templar_Papermodel.rar  
Thanatos BLaaR MW4  
Thanatos BLaaR   Thanatos_Paper_Model_v2.rar  
Thanatos [skins] Sturm  
Thor / Summoner Vlmarshall MW3 MW3_Summoner.rar  
Thor / Summoner Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Summoner.rar Includes model remapped for MW3 textures
Thor / Summoner BLaaR MW4 MW4_Summoner_Papermodel.rar  
Thor / Summoner Yogsolthan CBT  
Thor / Summoner unknown unknown paper mechlab added 2021-01-13
Thor / Summoner Ace_Zecks MW3  
Thug Yogsolthan CBT  
Thunderbolt [Project Phoenix] BLaaR CBT Project_Phoenix_Thunderbolt_Papermodel.rar  
Titan II Yogsolthan CBT  
Toyama Yogsolthan / madcatmaniac CBT  
Toyama [skins] Sturm / Yogsolthan CBT CBT_Toyama_skins.rar Includes base and camo skinsets
Truck Shiftdel MW4 MW4_truck.rar  
Turrets - Canon RGW_Rex_KN MW3  
Turrets - MW4 BLaaR MW4 MW4_Turrets.rar  
Uller / Kit Fox unknown unknown paper mechlab added 2021-01-13
Uller / Kit Fox Shiftdel MW4 Uller final_PDOv2a.rar  
Uller / Kit Fox [skins] Sturm MW4 Uller final_PDOv2a_skins.rar Includes Clan, Camo & Custom skinsets
Urbanmech Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Urbanmech.rar  
Urbanmech Tirick Fire MC2 1:1000 Scale
Urbanmech (CCAF recolor) Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_UMR_CCAF_LF.pdf 1:45 Scale
Added 2021-03-10
Urbanmech (MacGregor recolor) Lorenzo de la Fuente MC2 LF_1-45_UMR_CCAF_MAS.pdf 1:45 Scale
Added 2021-12-20
Ursus BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_Ursus_Papermodel.rar  
Ursus [skins] BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_Ursus_Papermodel_Skinpack.rar  
Uziel Cantaris MW4  
Uziel [skins] Cantaris MW4 Uzielskins.rar  
Vehicles BLaaR MW4 MW4_Vehicles.rar  
Victor Cantaris MW4 Victor.rar  
Village Buildings Shiftdel MW3 shiftdel_mw3_bldgs.rar  
Village Buildings [1/300 scale] Shiftdel MW3 village_1-300.rar  
Vulture IV Whammy CBT Whammys_DA_VultureIV_Papermodel.rar  
Vulture / Mad Dog unknown unknown paper mechlab added 2021-01-13
Vulture / Mad Dog unknown unknown vulture (textured) added 2021-01-13
Vulture / Mad Dog Cantaris / D00mG1v3r / Sturm MW3 MW3_Vulture.rar Includes Sturm's camos
Vulture / Mad Dog Tirick Fire MC2 1:1000 Scale
Vulture / Mad Dog Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Mad Dog.rar  
Vulture / Mad Dog Shiftdel MW4  
Vulture / Mad Dog [skins] Shiftdel / Sturm MW4 vulture_finalUV_v7 skins.rar Includes Jungle, Desert & Clan skinsets + yellow skin
Vulture / Mad Dog Ace_Zecks MW3
Warhammer Yogsolthan CBT  
Warhammer IIC Whammy CBT Whammys_WarhammerIIC_Papermodel.rar  
Warhammer [unseen] monkeyrum / Punaketti  
Warhammer [unseen] Whammy CBT Whammys_WarHammer_Papermodel.rar  
Warhammer [unseen] [skins] monkeyrum MW4 Mektek for punakettu's Warhammer
Warhammer WHM-6R Richard Vyskofsky Battletech (Unseen) Battletech - WHM-6R Warhammer Paper Model.rar Scanned Copy from ABC Magazine.
Warhammer Zecks MW3 MW3 Added 2021-01-13
Wasp Whammy CBT Whammys_Wasp_Papermodel.rar  
Wildcat BLaaR MW4 Mektek Mektek_WildCat_Papermodel.rar  
Wolfhound BLaaR MW4 MW4_Wolfhound_Papermodel_v2.rar  
Wolfhound Vlmarshall MC2 MC2 Wolfhound.rar  
Woodsman Yogsolthan CBT  
Wyvern Yogsolthan CBT  
Yeoman monkeyrum   Yeoman.rar  
Yeoman [skins] Sturm   Yeoman_skins.rar Includes set I and II
Zentradi Battlepod Diego Cortes Pardo Robotech / Macross battlepod.rar Not Battletech, but added for completeness of archive. added link Feb 13, 2016
Zeus Vlmarshall / Nynx / D00mg1v3r / Normblow MC2 MC2 Zeus.rar  
Zeus Shiftdel MW4 Zeus_PDO_scale1-40.rar  
Zeus Whammy CBT Whammys_Zeus_Papermodel.rar  
Zeus [skins] Sturm MW4 Zeus_PDO_scale1-40 skins.rar