Designs of original and Mechwarrior 4 inspired papercraft buildings.

All buildings have been produced to 1:285 scale using CAD software. Files that end in -# (e.g. -2) are part of a set of the same name. All sheets from a set are required to complete 1 building.

All buildings are free for personal use only. Please do not redistribute, modify or link directly to the pdf files. You may post a link to this page, but please let me know!

  Tip #1: If the buildings print too dark, increase the brightness (in your printer's Print Properties) by 8% to 12%. Every printer is different, so you may need to experiment a little.

Tip #2: The buildings look best when printed on 110 lb cardstock using your printer's "Better" or "Good" resolution (for inkjet printers).

Tip #3: After the glue has dried overnight, spray several VERY light coats of Matte sealer over the building. This will increase its rigidity slightly, and more importantly protect the color from moisture.