I have expanded upon the work of Spacebug using his 2005 tilesets as a starting point. They only included elements for the core Roborally game (no expansions were release for the 2005 edition). These new tilesets include all the expansion Factory elements and many of the Fan created elements for the 1994 edition. Below you can find a gallery of the tilesets I've assembled.

All the tilesets can be found here: Roborally Smallrealities Tilesets.zip. All you have to do is extract it into the folder of your choice, then load the tilesets into the Tiled editor.

The Tiled map editor can be found here: https://www.mapeditor.org/

Rules for Fan created Factory Elements can be found at these links: 

The following tilesets use the same dimensions as Spacebug's tilesets (300x300px tiles). They have all been converted to use Alpha Channel transparency instead of a single color transparency.

Note that I have not included to several extra board element. Soporific Gas in my opinion it does not make sense in the Roborally game, so I decided to not include it. Also left out are smoke and smoke stacks as the nearly duplicate functions of other board elements.



The conveyors tileset includes all you basic yellow and blue elements, plus Gold, Red and Green conveyors. You will also find a 3-way merge element and a conveyor ramp both based upon old fan designs. The rotating conveyors have a seperate tileset (included) for the register numbers. 


Crushers & Flamers

This tileset includes both the flamer elements and the crusher elements, as well as the numbers for up to 3 different register settings (flamers) and 2 register settings (crushers).


Floor Elements

In this tileset is where you will find some very common and some not so commonly used elements. Most of these should be self-explanatory including the Reset point in the lower left and the Sand-slide in the lower right. Also included are two different Soap elements, one on the 1994 floor and the other on the 2005 floor.



This tileset includes overlays to make foggy areas including transitions to non-fog areas.



This tileset includes both the 2005 style gears and the 1994 style gears as well as the giant gears and the propeller gear.




A selection of translucent frozen ground for your robot sliding pleasure!


Lasers & Guns

This tileset includes single, double and triple lasers, middle, left and right guns, the green light-barrier lasers and the Melting Beam. Also included is five different configurations for the Turrent board element and the 3-tile Radio Beam element.



Here you will find the all the board elements need to add height (or depth) to custom boards. There are five ramp sizes included and and elevator in both up and down positions. The bridge element uses the register numbers from the Pits tileset.


Magnets & Mirrors

Here you will find the Magnetic Lock (with register numbers), the Magnetic puller, Various mirrors and the Copy Machine.


Molten Metal / Lava

For all your custom foundry board needs, a selection of molten metal flow elements. The register numbers are provided to use the single-space pit as a Lava Eruption element.


Oil & Goo

This tileset includes all the Oil Spills and Goo spots you could want to create a variety of treachery for the robots. A repulsor element with lasers is included as a bonus.


Open Floor Tiles

This tileset contains the bare factory floor tiles to create the base of the Roborally boards. The first row contains the 2005 version. The second row contains the 2016 version. The remaining 2 rows include tiles with various amounts of damage to add variety.


Padded Walls & Floors

These are one of the strangest Factory elements, but here they are.



This tileset includes eight different color pistons for your robots to play whack-a-mole with.



The bane of every robot's existence, this tileset contains all the parts you will need to create a variety of robot destroying obstacles. Also included is the trapdoor element with the corresponding register numbers. Spacebug's website has an excellent guide to using layers of pit tiles to create the pit elements.



Really no explaination need for this tileset. It includes 12 different colors of portal.



This tileset includes a variety of pushers and register numbers to create any possible combination you need. It also includes several "pre-programmed" pushers to speed board creation. Also included is the dreaded Hydraulic Pusher and it's register numbers.



The radiation tileset includes four radiation tiles, eight radioactive waste tiles and a nuclear reactor.


Rotating Room

The rotating room tileset allows you to add a 4x4 rotating room with 2 openings to any custom board. It might be better to print this as a seperate board to so it can be physically rotated.



These two tilesets includes weight-triggered trapdoor elements in both 2x2 and 3x3 configurations. 


Walls & Forcefields

The walls tileset includes all the basic wall elements, one-way walls, force-fields, spike walls, the energizer element and a Ventilator (use pusher register numbers for the ventilator).



The final tileset includes the flooded tiles, drains and a two-tile waterfall element.