As many of you Battlelore 1E fans know FFG shutdown their Battlelore 1E forums on February 1st, 2021. I saved almost every thread as a pdf, over 500 of them!  I skipped about 1% that were unanswered questions, links to dead fan sites, etc. While much of the information in the forum was in the FAQ or available elsewhere, much more was unique to the FFG forums.

Below is the final post on the FFG forum announcing the closure.

For years, we've featured forums on our website as a place for our gamers to gather and share their experiences—giving a place to discuss strategy, anticipate upcoming expansions, and share homebrew rules and variants. However, in almost every case, the communities centered around these games are more active elsewhere, whether that's on other websites, in social media groups, or with dedicated Discord servers.

We hope that you've enjoyed the use of the individual forums for our different product lines, but we have now made the decision to close down our website's forums at the end of the January.

All forums under will be shut down on February 1, 2021. If you have content on our forums that you would like to keep, you must save it elsewhere by January 31, 2021, or it will be lost forever.

Although we've loved having the forums on our website, we hope that you don't see this as the end of a community around a certain game. In every case, there are other players who love the same games that you do, gathering elsewhere online—this could even be the perfect chance to make some new friends.

We've can't wait to see you out there!


The forum archive can be downloaded here: FFG Battlelore 1E  Forum