Orcs have finally come to the land of Battlelore with their own racial feats and unique units! All You need to try this new expansion (first 2 of 7 adventures) is 2 boxes of 1/72 scale orc miniatures (or use proxies). Orc adventures are heavily based on C&C: Medieval battles by GMT. 

You can proxy Orc units with some other minis or simply buy 2 boxes of 1/72 Orcs for the first 2 adventures. You can use leader and evade rules described in the file or play using only Battlelore rules. All Orc units are fully playable without the new rules - but in my opinion using Leaders and Evade in Battlelore gives the game much more depth and makes green infantry more useful.

Both the rules and the Unit Banners are included in the zip file.

Battlelore Orcs.zip

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